Dameron Alloy Foundries Louisville, Kentucky


PHONE: (502) 933.9311
FAX: (502) 933.9422

DAFCO inc. Plant #1
6851 Cane Run Rd. Louisville, KY 40258

DAFCO Inc. was established in 1994 in Louisville, Kentucky in an effort to geographically locate ourselves near a specific customer base.  DAFCO is a full process Investment Casting foundry and occupies 28,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

Our main market focus at DAFCO is the Glass container industry as well as other specific “niche” market products which utilize a high nickel base alloy, also known as “Dameron Alloy” HR series.  DAFCO also produces a variety of other commercial castings for various markets in a long list of ferrous alloys such as 300/400 series and PH stainless steels, carbon/low alloy steels, tool steels, cobalt base alloys, etc.  Part size capability ranges- net weight: ounces up to 274 lbs., diameter/ width: 24”, height: 24”, length: 30”.  

DAFCO has a melt capacity of 220,000 lbs. per month of ferrous air melt alloys.

DAFCO prides itself in its ability to achieve very aggressive lead times ranging from as low as 3-6 weeks.  We can provide castings in various different post process stages and finishes by utilizing our local area subcontracted supply base.