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DAFCO Aerospace

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DAFCO inc. Plant #1
6851 Cane Run Rd. Louisville, KY 40258

PHONE: (502) 933.9311
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6761 Cane Run Rd. Louisville, KY. 40258

PHONE: (502) 933.9311
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4830 Crittenden Dr. Louisville, KY. 40209

DAFCO Inc. was established in 1994 in Louisville, Kentucky in an effort to geographically locate ourselves near a specific customer base.  DAFCO is a full process Investment Casting foundry and occupies 28,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

DAFCO Aerospace was originally established in 2004 in Compton California as part of Dameron Alloy Foundries main facility. However in 2010, following the decision to discontinue manufacturing in California, our Aerospace division was re-located to Louisville Kentucky near our existing Commercial casting facility DAFCO Inc., thus becoming DAFCO Aerospace. DAFCO Aerospace operates in 24,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

We currently serve a diversified range of aerospace markets including but not limited to commercial and military aircraft components and defense munitions. Investment castings for flight control systems, fluid control systems, hydraulic systems and miscellaneous hardware components are an integral part of our current product mix. Part size capability ranges from ounces on up to 150 lbs. for ferrous air melt alloys, 25 lbs. maximum for vacuum melt super alloys and 25 lbs. for non ferrous alloys. Our maximum part size is 20" diameter/width, 18’ height and 30" length.

DAFCO Aerospace has a melt capacity of 180,000 lbs. per month ferrous air melt, 24,000 lbs. per month vacuum melt super alloys and 24,000 lbs. per month non ferrous.

DAFCO Aerospace is proud to announce the opening of our new in house NACAP certified NDT lab. In addition we have a comprehensive network of post process NADCAP certified sub contracted suppliers located within the general area.